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Maisons en paille

De plus en plus de documents sont disponibles sur la construction en paille (Straw bale houses). Voici une sélection de vidéos sur le sujet.

Le Groupe de recherches écologiques de la Batture de La Baie (G.R.E.B.) est un projet de micro village écologique expérimental situé au confluent du fjord du Saguenay et de la baie des Hahas, à une dizaine de kilomètres du centre-ville de La Baie, aux abords des limites de celle-ci. Fondé en 1990, il a comme vocation, dans un contexte rural et nordique, la recherche, l'éducation et l'expérimentation d'un mode de vie écologique.

Pour plus de détails sur le GREB lire l'article
Groupe de recherches écologiques de la Batture (G.R.E.B)

Straw bale

A short promotional production covering the basics of straw bale construction.

Straw Bale House Construction and Green Building: Building With Awareness

A solar straw bale home is an example of green building. This movie shows clips from the full-length "Building WIth Awareness" how-to video on building a straw bale house from start to finish. Learn how to build straw bale walls for insulation, build interior thermal mass walls (which greatly increases the efficiency of a straw bale home), mix and apply earth plasters for a beautiful finish, generate electricity from sunlight, and use passive solar heating and cooling. Beautiful aesthetics and energy-efficiency can both come from the same materials. It is how the structure is designed as a whole that makes the difference. See how aesthetics, comfort, and energy efficiency can all come from the same materials and design parameters. The full-length video (162 minutes) received 3 Telly Awards for production excellence.

Fire Test Movie

ASTM Straw Bale Fire Test Movie

My house - John Wilson

Here is a fun way to learn how easy it is to start taking adantage of renewable energy. Sustainable home design is easier to understand once you've seen and heard what it means. Join John Wilson on a tour of his award winning sustainable home as featured on My House, a reality television show produced by Rogers Television.

By harnessing the power of the wind and collecting the suns energy sustainability is achievable even in the cold northern climate of Ontario, Canada. Situated near the top of a hill, facing due south, this passive solar house uses concrete flooring to collect heat from the sun without the need for a furnace. Massive straw bale walls insulate the home to retain heat in the winter and coolness in the summer. A large skylight in the center of the home creates a natural air conditioner that takes advantage of convention currents in the summer to cool the entire home, while providing day lighting year round. All the materials used in the construction are chemical and toxin free. This modern home combines comfort year round, energy sustainability, occupant health, and the inspiration of a natural setting.

SunRise: We Must Change Our Way

This is a presentation on sustainable living to the Sierra Club in Toronto. Topics covered: - priority problems - sustainable living ideas - solar and wind power for the home - passive home design - straw bale home construction - transporation including hybrid car - organic food

Straw Bale House

The Fullmer Family of Fairview, Utah build a straw bale house. A "Phil & Friends Vignette."

The straw bale house in japan - 5 Parts

Straw Bale Pavilion Workshop I.U.A.Venezia

10 persons for 3 weeks. Construction of a straw bale pavilion

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