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Comment réaliser une bale d'aiguille de pin

Une vidéo qui permet de découvrir la démonstration d'une machine manuelle pour réaliser des bales d'aiguilles de pin. A adapter en fonction des ressources locales : lin, lavande, maïs...

How to make a bale of pine straw

This video shows how to make a bale of pine straw using a one-man-baler, aka, a box baler. The two strings are pre-cut to around 90", ... Tout » having a 'eye' tied on one end. The 'eye' is slipped over the rod at top of baler and routed inside the baler and back out through the long slots in the baler door. It helps to stand on the two strings, keeping them taut while loading the initial handful of straw. As you push the straw down into the box, the strings will then be correctly positioned at the bottom of the baler. Then you can continue to load the baler until the plunger has the desired pressure on it. Then slip off the strings as shown and make final press, leaving the plunger locked. Route the strings down and out the door slots. Thread the strings through the eyes and tie. Unlock the plunger and open door. Tie the two strings together by simply looping the extra length of string around each other and tie. This makes the bale a little tighter. Practice. The video is 90 seconds. See more at


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