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Design | e2

6 épisodes sur l'architecture durable

The Green Apple - 04:39 - The first in a series of video podcasts from the PBS series Design | e2. Each podcast takes you deeper into the sustainable architecture issues explored in the episode.

Green for All - 05:24 - Episode two is about architect Sergio Palleroni, who designs for the other 99% of the world's population.

The Green Machine - 04:43 - This episode considers government regulation as a way to promote green architecture in Germany and in Chicago

Grey to Green - 04:55 - In "Grey to Green" we explore the enormous impact that construction has on our environment.

China: From Red to Green - 04:30 - In this episode, director Tad Fettig discusses what it was like to film in China, and how it impacted his views on the future of green architecture.

Deeper Shades of Green - 07:19 - This episode introduces Cameron Sinclair, the founder of Architects for Humanity and a visionary leader in the green architecture movement.


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